Southern Futshan Boxing.

August 21, 2009

Spoke about this briefly elsewhere …some time back…..

Futshan Nam Kuen or Foshan Nanquan meaning “Buddha Hill Southern Fist”.

“Buddha Hill” here is the name of a place in Canton that you commonly hear in association with Hung Gar and Wing Chun etc etc…

Here again if you belong to one of those who believe that Southern Shaolin is a myth, you might not want to read on ….

This is another style that claims root to Southern Shaolin and one of their theories of origin credits “Jhee Sim” as the father – this theory is so close to Por Suk’s Cho Gar Wing Chun’s.

Same account of “red boat” and “opera” could be found in both …. Hmmmm ….must be some kind of conspiracy at work ……

Now, let’s see, this book is written by folks in Futshan and Por Suk is in Malaysia and they both describe almost parallel historical events …. Yup must be the man behind the curtain!

Plus, when I was in Singapore, I had a classmate and his grandfather was from “old school” Hung Gar – the line that starts you with “Sup Jee Kuen” and I was given the same story of origin.

The “burning’ of Shaolin during Yong Cheng’s time and Jhee Sim disseminating the arts in Canton and how the various arts all remember their Shaolin roots in their forms, kuen kuit (fist songs) and other literatures that they pass down generation after generation without the outside world even aware of such…

Look, they are not concerned with proving their “authenticity” to anyone; they just want to keep their arts alive regardless of popular opinions…especially those coming from armchair speculators!

Overthrow the Qin to restore the Ming.

Return my rivers and mountains.

10,000 cherries blossom on 1 tree.

10,000  methods started in Shaolin.

The opening stanza of a poem that is still recited in many schools across SE Asia during the Bashi ceremony.

The way it has been for the last few hundred years.

Attaching scans of the opening salutation of this style here and believe it or not, this sequence tells a whole story – I spent many hours with Cantonese styles elders to elicit this.

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