Don’t run if you can’t walk properly.

August 18, 2009

How frequently have your heard this – learn to walk before you run.

Get your rudiments right, build good foundations and like a chain, you’re as tough as the weakest link.

And this is true for everything you are trying to master, no shortcut or “fast tracking”.

I guess you could say it as if you want fast food, go to a McDonald’s and if you want fast kung fu, check out a McSifu.

Everything is there for a reason, it’s either you know or you don’t. Art forms don’t exist for hundreds of year by chance, particularly those baptized by battles and wars.

Sometimes when I read about folks challenging “old” knowledge I cannot help but think; they don’t really know.

Doing forms is now routinely scorned by these people.

Yes, CKF is never about doing forms only.

But forms are there to put together your “infrastructures”; co-ordination, stamina, speed, power, response and most importantly, body/mind synchronization; simply put, learning how to walk….

And when you’re steady, then you start to run.

Do it prematurely, you are liable to fall……

Here’s a book about “running” – learning to fight with short weapons.

But please remember, these folks got their forms in place before training with a partner…….and don’t forget CKF is both these.


ckf short weapons_Page_085

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