Killing you softly.

August 17, 2009

Let take a look at another Crane – something that is passed down via Canton and according to their followers, through Fong Sai Yuk, a historical character portrayed in many Hong Kong movies and the latest ones starring Jet Li.

Fong is how you read “Fang” in Cantonese and what a coincidence that the creator of White Crane should be recorded as “Fang Chi Niang” or her father “Fang Zhong”.

So are we looking at the same elephant?

Whatever the case, “Southern Shaolin” is the common denominator and again, I think it’s unwise to dismiss “Fukien Shaolin” so flippantly….

But whatever the stories, the essence of “Crane” fighting is never too divergent.

Not returning aggressive force with aggressive force is the cornerstone, regardless of whether it’s Fukien, Zhejian, Emei or Cantonese Cranes.

Evasions, nerve-points or soft spots strikes and basically winning with “smartness’ are attributes that all TCMA Cranes share.

I find “hard” crane hard to swallow…….






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