I see red.

August 17, 2009

Nope, I am not reverting to Northern styles – I managed to find another book on “Shanxi Hong Quan” or “Red Fist” and seeing how this is one of the forerunners of TCKF, I just want to share a bit more.

Also “sifuwu”  got some really nice Hongquan clips over on youtube that will give you good impressions of this significant historical styles that went on to spawn many later systems ….

Hongquan: Earliest records are from the Song Dynasty, it was called Xijia Quan (West Family Boxing) and later in the Wei period was renamed as Hongquan. In the olden days it was said (Dong Qiang Xi Gun) – [East Spear and West Staff], it was also said (Dong Cha, Zhi Chuo, Xi Hong) – [ East (Shandong) practices Cha (quan), Zhi (Hebei) practices Chuo (Jiao) and the West practices Hong (Quan) ] ….. more click here.


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