Dance of Death.

August 15, 2009

Some of you might be wondering, what has Bboy got to do with “fighting” and why am I even involved?

Well, it all started when my boss needed an opening act for a conference held at one of the local hotels.

The opening gambit was to be a martial arts related entertainment item to reflect the theme of the conference – working together to optimize results.

So I started “auditioning” some Bboy groups here and found “God Soul” – a young and very vibrant group with all the right attitude and some of them even have martial arts background which makes working with them simple.

In fact one of them was even in a CKF class that I used to teach during my early days here in Sarawak…..

Still, how do you reconcile Bboy dance and MAs?

Well, many of the Bboy moves can be found in classical CKF like Ditang and Monkey boxing. Some of you might say “capoeira” the Brazilian fighting art and you are so right.

The forms are all there … but the intent is dissimilar to MAs.

Don’t agree?

Okay, I am posting some techniques that you could frequently find in Bboy routines which are classical CKF techniques.

And some of the boys want to study CKF proper with me … so the next time they perform, the line between their techniques and fighting might be further blurred …..

Anyway, pictures are scanned from one of my books “108 kicking methods of Sanda” and I’m linking another Bboy clip from Asia.

Enjoy and have a nice one ……

classical kicks_Page_001

classical kicks_Page_205

classical kicks_Page_207

classical kicks_Page_216

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