Lau Gar revisited.

August 14, 2009

So one of you wrote in to ask me about the Lau Gar’s 5 Animals I spoke about…..

I might have posted about this here in this blog – not sure and I am too lazy to search so …..

Once again , some pages from Lau’s Gar 5 Animals and the whole form in pdf is availabe here.

And please, quit saying that this is a recently composed “wushu” form – I have seen this version of 5 Animals performed umpteen times growing up in SE Asia by many from firmly established TCKF schools including schools teaching Hung Gar primarily.

As recent as 2 years ago, I watched the same form done at an anniversary dinner held in a Cantonese clan association in Malaysia and the Sifu doing it has catergorically no connection with “Wushu”…. man, you should hear his opinion of contemporary wushu.




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