Oh no, not another one !!!

August 13, 2009

Here’s another historical style for all you who think you’ve seen or heard it all ……

QiuHe Quan – founded 200 + years ago by Fujian (Fukien) Lin Xin, this style, reportedly, is the amalgamation of Crane Boxing and other Shandong and Sichuan styles.

Looking at some of their forms, this eclectic system presents a good assortment of Fukien, Northern and Sichuan based fighting arts.

Some of their forms include:-

  • Angle or Corner Battles.
  • “Scooping Hand” to open 4 corners.
  • 4 Corners 3 Battles.
  • Yellow Snake Exiting Cave.
  • Old Monk Descending Mountain.
  • Butterfly Fists.
  • 8 Steps postures /frame.

Interestingly, I met an old Sifu, also a traditional healer from Fujian, here in Kuching Sarawak a couple of years back.

My knee (old tournament injury) was killing me then and a friend recommended this old Sifu and his family style healing method.

After my 2nd visit and noticing a very old rusty looking “jian” or “straight edge sword” hanging on his wall, I asked him about his background and he mentioned a Fukien style Crane that might just very well be “QiuHe”.

We were contrasting his Crane and some of the Cranes that I do and the term “frame” kept popping up in his description.

Generally more used in Hakka systems, I thought it’s curious for a Fukien style to use this so profusely.

Anyway, he also mentioned some snake forms within his Crane system and this was the portion that got my attention.

Crane and Snake ….. hhmmmmm ….. Are we talking Wing Chun or Taiji here???

When he worked on my knee, he was using a “snappy” type muscle pulling/pressing action on my inside and outside thigh.

This, I was later told, is derived from his Crane Boxing ……

Well, looks like I will be calling on this old Sifu again – knee pain or not……

wushu overview_Page_389

wushu overview_Page_390

wushu overview_Page_392

wushu overview_Page_391

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