Emei Snake.

August 13, 2009

Well, here it is, another Emei or Omei (depending on whether you say it in Mandarin or Cantonese) form – Emei Snake.

Extracted from one of my Emei forms “encyclopedia”, Emei Snake, according to the author, came from a monk and this system consists of 3 snake forms overall.

Dissimilar to most other southern snake forms which center on mainly the arms doing the coiling, twirling and darting or “spitting”  – typically with spear hands finger strikes, Emei snake uses the whole body.

From where I am looking, it reminds me of the Pak Kua system that is based on the python except that the power structure between the 2 is far apart.

Now, I have Emei snake on some of my videos and I still see a lot of that spitting action but again, it’s the whole body at work.

All coiled up and bam! – Like an arrow from a bow.

And interestingly, you get to see some unexpected kicks embedded in their forms……

Snake and kicks???

Hmmmm….. “Drawing  snake and adding legs”???

Or maybe it’s like in MuayThai where in addition to the elephant and monkey inspired techniques, you also get to see techniques like “Crocodile tail kick”.

After all, Sichuan is next to Yunnan which is next to Myanmar which in, in turn, next to Thailand…..

Errrh, just in case …. Emei is in Sichuan……

emei snake_Page_01

emei snake_Page_02

emei snake_Page_03

emei snake_Page_04

emei snake_Page_05

emei snake_Page_06

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