Deception and mobility.

August 10, 2009

Mízōngyì (Chinese: 迷蹤藝; literally “Lost Track Skill”), or simply Mízōng, is a style ofChinese martial art based on deception and mobility. Mizong is also known as Mízōngquán(Chinese: 迷蹤拳; literally “Lost Track Fist” or sometimes “Labyrinthine Boxing” stressing the deceptive nature of the art) and Yanqingquan and there are many sub-branches of this style.

Mizong Lohan (Chinese: 迷蹤羅漢; pinyin: mízōng luóhàn; Yale Cantonesemàih jùng lòh hon; literally “Lost Track Arhat“) is a combination of two styles: Mízōngquán and Luóhànquán. Through Luóhànquán, its lineage can be traced back to the Shaolin temple during the time of the Tang Dynasty (618–907).

As an external northern Chinese style, Mizong belongs to the “Long Fist” family of martial arts, although in some traditions Mizong is taught as a precursor system to “Hsing I Ch’uan“.

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