Telling it as it is.

August 9, 2009

A couple of weeks back I wrote about my exchanges with some members over on Kung Fu Magazine online forum; one member wrote ardently about being “true” when dealing with histories and principles of the various fighting systems.

Any thing less tantamount to sacrilege and will mislead future generations to come.

Precisely how I feel and being conscientious is a must when dealing with things so highly valued by so many, in particular, the descendants of the systems under the spotlight, imagine their feelings when their families’ history are challenged by negligent and reckless wannabes.

This is not about “freedom” of expression, its more misrepresentations to hoodwink the uninformed for reasons best known to the perpetrators.

But then, in the world of CKF histories, nothing is really that clear-cut. Hardly do you find a case where everyone is unified with one same standpoint.

Pick any style and chances are you are going to find conflicting perceptions of histories and principles etc …. The “classical mess” that Bruce Lee mentioned perhaps?

I draw a line between presenting what’s been passed down and fabricating trumped-up invented stories when dealing with histories and such.

Yes the Chinese are well-known to be colorful when describing but if you look really close enough, you’ll see the core sans the dragons and tigers.

And believe it or not, the heart is usually more alike than you think – you just got to know how to look.

For the past one year or so, I have been going through many of my reference books, digesting and distilling to look for this “core”.

Oftentimes this is easy but in cases that it’s not, I will just reflect the various views intact.

Hopefully by sometime early next year, my compilation would be ready ……………..

history of traditional wushu_Page_001

history of traditional wushu_Page_332

history of traditional wushu_Page_156history of traditional wushu_Page_288history of traditional wushu_Page_413

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