Me Ignor, me all-knowing.

August 8, 2009

So you are at one of the many popular forums and reading someone talking about the intricacies of TCMA and as you read further, it suddenly dawns upon you that it’s just a lot of words play.

Round and round they go about, at most, 20 styles of TCMA and already they’re representing themselves as “expert” of TCMA.

And what about those whose only CKF reality is confined to Cantonese systems and when they chance upon non-Cantonese techniques, they use adjectives like “strange” to describe…..

Well, hate to pop your balloons but most Cantonese systems are derivatives of Fukien arts …

Again, let me just sneak this in – historians have recorded some 600, yes 600 over distinct styles of TCMA and many of these are unheard or seen outside of Asia.

Most of what the world knows of CKF came mainly from Hong Kong and Taiwan movies. It’s only quite recent that TCMA teachers of relatively unknown styles from Asia started teaching in the west.

Don’t believe me?

Well, let me ask you this – how many Zhejiang or Sichuan Kung Fu have you heard of being taught outside of Asia?

Maybe, the right question should be how many Zhejiang or Sichuan do you even know exist?

Got a book with me that overviews some of the major systems from Zhejiang areas in China.

And guess what; we are looking at 64 different styles, 822 empty hands forms and 389 weapons forms

Remember, this is only Zhejiang that we are talking here ……..

So the next time you want to make a sweeping statement about CKF, think again …… maybe you don’t really know enough.

I scanned the content index of one of my books here – how many of the styles listed do you know or have seen?

zhejiang text_Page_006zhejiang text_Page_014

Click thumbnails for full views.

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