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August 6, 2009

I spoken about this so many times; I work for a company incorporated in Sarawak here that is primarily into the business of researching and publishing about culture, specifically Traditional Martial Arts and healing.

Not confined to the Chinese, Sarawak is home of 100 over different silats and other native fighting systems, she also has one of the world richest biodiversity potential; there are many current projects by the government in this area.

My background is, for the most part, in the Chinese arts and it’s from there that I will start.

Fuzhou Cranes and Sarawak has a very intimate relationship given her huge Fuzhou immigrant community and this is exactly my springboard.

In terms of dialect composition, the Hakkas and Fuzhous are, more or less, the 2 principal groups and therefore it’s no mystery where my efforts would be concentrated on.

To further zoom in, we are about to launch 2 books real soon….

The first is exploring Fuzhou Singing Crane and Karate; this is a joint effort between Russ and us here.

In order to do a comprehensive job, you really got to look at the various lines of Fuzhou Singing Crane, both Fuzhou and Fuqing. And on the karate end, we have to consider the major ryus that are purportedly associated with Fuzhou Cranes.

Here are couple of pages from an old in-house manual from one such line of Fuzhou Singing Crane and the form is Babulien.

And I got lot more of materials like this to pore over before I filter out what I need to go into the book ……..



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