More from the North.

August 5, 2009

Got a few books based on this style, Erlinzi Jiji Shu (二林子技击术) lying around somewhere that I need to find and scan.

In the meanwhile, I am borrowing some flowers to present to the Buddha here – couple of youtube clips showing this rarely heard and seen style.

Believed to have started in Yantai, ShanDong and that is “Northern” China, Mr. Smith, see how much of what they do resemble some of the basic drills we do in Fuzhou White Crane?

And once again, let me say this, in the enormous and sometimes baffling dimensions of Northern Chinese Kung Fu, it’s easy to get disoriented.

Accentuated by the fact that so little have been written about them and in many cases, these systems have stayed enigmatic since its founding……..

My awareness started when began my research into the roots of various styles and noticed many cited northern origins.

That started my journey northwards …….

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