The Grand Ultimate.

August 4, 2009

Got to tell you that Taiji was never really my cup of tea even as I was swarmed by illustrious masters all thru my training days at the Fuzhou clan association in Singapore back in the 70s and 80s.

Masters like the late Huang Xin Xian and Lu Dong Bao are 2 who had, at one time or another, teaching stints there.

And training Taiji with these folks is definitely more than solo form practice; I used to see trainees get slammed into cushioned walls vigorously in free play scenarios.

But with me, every time I see a Taiji teacher leading a class, I would find opportunities to sneak out into the sandbags hall. There I would be kicking and punching bags and hardening bones using the wooden dummies and other apparatus.

I guess you could say I am one of those punch you in the face and kick you in the groin kind of exponent.

Endless hours spent just polishing these skills on both dummies and partners and Taiji style of dropping opponents wasn’t really my inclination.

I don’t know …. Now that I am older and mellowing, I find myself looking at Taiji again and trying to recall some of the lessons that I took back then.

Not easy because I never really build good fundamentals …….

Luckily, over the years, I build up quite a collection on books on Taiji and other “internal arts” and with these; I am gradually getting back into the inner workings of this “grand ultimate” boxing style.

But not all books are created equal; many of my Taiji books are nothing more than how to do forms.

A few are really brilliant works on the “fight” aspect and I got some pages from one of these here.

Can’t put up the whole thing for copyrights reason but you should go grab a copy; this is really one of the better books explaining the “engine” of Taiji fighting.

yang tai chi full_Page_222yang tai chi full_Page_250yang tai chi full_Page_253

yang tai chi full_Page_257yang tai chi full_Page_261

2 Responses to “The Grand Ultimate.”

  1. zenmindsword Says:

    Interesting to know that you like our style of taiji as not many people understand the contents of the book, much less its actual practice and implications

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