Blinded by the Northern Lights.

August 4, 2009

This is so exasperating; I was on skype with Russ this morning and updating on our projects and again we ended up talking Kung Fu in general.

With Russ, it is always southern kung fu and karate – you know how much kung fu made its way into karate and so on and so forth …..

And the topic then moved on to northern styles – something that I have been concentrating on lately.

Why? Because, personally, I think northern styles CKF are the predecessors and cradle of organized TCMA with histories going way back and I really don’t think you can point to any Southern system that precede major northern styles.

Russ being Russ, a true blue southern die hard fan again started mocking my standpoint.

Northern styles to him and to many is “wushu” – the modern-day competition martial dancing with little or no ingredient of fighting.

Well we all know how so very wrong he is but give him time; with age and experience comes wisdom.

Maybe these pages from an old book can help him see better – pages from an  book featuring Cha Quan 4th form. Book is published during pre-wushu era and there’s little or none of that “dancing”…….

chaquan 4 road_Page_38chaquan 4 road_Page_37chaquan 4 road_Page_43

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