3 parts hand techniques, 7 parts kicks.

August 3, 2009

Nowhere is this truer than in “Chuo Jiao” …….

Ahem, pardon moi if I sound a little partial but I simply love some of their kicking techniques …….

Now if I were to concoct my own MMA, hmmmmm, let’s see …..

  • Fuzhou White Crane because if I don’t, my very Fuzhou dad and uncles would skin me alive.
  • Chuo Jiao.
  • Shuai Jiao.
  • Fukien Dog Boxing.
  • Por Suk’s WCK Staff form.

And to complete the inventory, maybe one of those “primordial” Qigong set with unfathomable metaphysical philosophy. Hey got to appear “intellectual” …… less folks start calling you “Wu Fu”

Ooookay. back to earth …. some nice pics of Chuo Jiao from one of my fav book of this style.

Amply illustrated applications of their kicking arsenal – yummy yum yum !

chuojiao illustrated_Page_003

chuojiao illustrated_Page_004

chuojiao illustrated_Page_016chuojiao illustrated_Page_021

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