What’s new now will be old someday….

August 2, 2009

This is another old topic – MMA in Asia.

I don’t get exactly what this acronym encompasses outside of Asia but if we are talking anything like “merger” of few styles and giving it a makeover and doing up some distinctive forms to give it that individual appearance then, I got to tell you it has been happening for the last 30, 40 years all over Asia.

Some did it according to “trend”, like when it was popular to do high aerial kicks; many teachers included these to make it more appealing to new recruits.

And then when the late Bruce Lee burst onto the scene, every one wanted that hand trapping chain punching combos.

You know, in many forums, the question “how come all TCMA fight like kickboxing” is repeatedly argued.

Personally, I think one of the leading contributing factors is tournaments or to be more accurate, the way tournaments’ rules are cut out.

When you are going to fight knowing that no punches or any sort is permitted to the face areas, a punch scores 1 point(mid section), a kick for 2 and a throw gets you 4…… you are going to tailor your training for utmost results.

Regardless of whatever background, you are going to be contained by these parameters and coming out fighting in certain pattern which to many, resembles “kickboxing”.

I know of folks who decided to switch over to TKD with a little Judo training on the side because that’s the closest you are going to get to the fixed tournaments’ rules.

All in the name of winning and becoming a champion. Of course, the champion will later attribute his victory to his TCMA.

So it’s no wonder that many TCMAs imported “kickboxing” techniques to be in the game.

This was happening in many parts of Asia in the 70s where TCMA tournament were a big time enterprise.

The last 10 years, mainland has witnessed an explosion of these hybridizing; taking a traditional style and adding in more “updated” training methods to include street fightings etc etc.

Again Bruce Lee’s JKD is playing a big shaping role and nunchukus is a must have weapon if you’re to attract the young.

Wing Chun, with the sale pitch of “easy to learn”, is seeing a new wave of interest and take-up rate. Movies like “Yip Man” will propel enrollment skywards for sure.

I got nothing against any of these or anyone following these new hybrids.

You like your coffee and I enjoy my tea and we can still sit at the same table and have a cordial time.

Still, every now and then, I sneak in a joe or 2….

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