Mark Wiley.

August 1, 2009

I am expecting Mark (Wiley) to visit in August; he will be in the Philippines and then Singapore where we would be spending sometime together.

I am arranging to bring my White Crane elders and Ah Teck, my Taizu teacher, to meet up and discuss some book projects.

Hopefully after that, we get to travel to Penang and have another round with masters there.

Here again I am trying to get as many masters as possible to talk about joint projects.

To say that I am energized by the prospect of this entire venture is really an understatement.

There is just so much that could come out of this conference.

Por Suk and his Cho Gar Ban Chung Wing Chun, Sifu Ong Choon Sheng/Fukien TaiZu and Sifu Chang Han Xiong/ Yue Jia or Geok Gar are some that come to mind straightaway.

In particular, Geok Gar, the scarcity of material about this brilliant style is a major injustice!

Well, all the homework that I’ve been doing is coming to fruition …

So Mark, as much as I want to take you site seeing and food tasting, it’s going to be more like “work” sessions with the various masters.

Here’s are some scans from one of my Yue Jia /Geok Gar books that I am using for background research.

Love the “one strike, 3 hits” technique ……




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