Grand Ancestor Red Fists.

August 1, 2009

Found this:-

Hongquan is a kind of excellent genres in between all the martial art forms of China. And there has long been the sayings about those regional martial arts forms, namely, Dong Qiang (Spears maneuvering of East China), Xi Gong ( Staff maneuvering of West China), Guanzhong Quan ( Hand forms of martial arts in Central Shaanxi Plain) as well as Dong Cha ( Chaquan Boxing) Xi Hong( Hongquan Boxing), of which Hongquan wins most of the show. By intaking the merit points of Neijia( a school of martial arts stressing the cultivation of vital energy) and Waijia ( school of martial arts stressing the utilizing of pragmatic artifice in actual combat), From the reign Emperor of Qianlong, Jiaqing and Daoguang of Qing Dynasty onwards, Hongquan has prevailed in the 5 northwestern province of China, and thus is endowed with a strong coloring of the folks in this region. Especially during the reign of Emperor Qianlong and Daoguang, while absorbing unceasingly the formula for actual combat of other schools, Hongquan Boxing was developed to its heyday with its representative masters such as Yaozi Gao San( Snipe the Third Child of the Gao Family,who is as alert as the snipe), Heihu Xin Wu ( Black Tiger the Fifth Child of the Xin Family, who is as fierce as the tiger), E’hu Su San (Hungry Tiger the Third Child of the Su Family,who is as courageous as the tiger ), Tongbei(i.e. Tongbei Boxing, a kind of martial arts Li Si ( Fourth Child of the Li Family), etc, who had made invaluable contribution to the development and study of Hongquan.

Visit website here.

By now, it should be obvious that Tai Zu or Grand Ancestor is a very common terminology in CKF, both Northern and Shaolin.

Within the Southern context, there must be at least 8 distinct lines all calling themselves Tai Zu, in one form or another.

“Hong” or Red Fists is another you see everywhere name – from Shaolin, to Long Fist and even a stand alone style.

I got a small collection of “Red Fists” Northern Boxing books that I will try to post here ……. over time.

For now, something called “TaiZu Hong Quan” or “Grand Ancestor Red Fists”.

Can’t find any clip but “Sifuwu” got a Shanxi Red Fist Cannon Fist form over on youtube; linking it here.


Taizu hongquan_Page_001Taizu hongquan_Page_060Taizu hongquan_Page_097

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