Double-handed swords.

July 31, 2009

Wow, this has been one looooong day; first a presentation to the Sarawak Permanent Secretary in the Tourism Ministry regarding one of our other non-MA projects and this was followed by a “luncheon” briefing by one of the other directors in the company later in the day.


The 4 letters/numbers that we all wish go away :- H1N1……

Anyway ….. I thought we keep on our Chinese weapons’ journey a little bit more before returning to matters of CMA history.

Double-handed sword or Shuang Shou Dao – a weapon that brings Miao Dao,Pak Kua and Shaolin to mind.

Found a nice clip here exploring this over at Google Video and as I was sorting out my library, some books including this weapon.

And some of the styles connected with this weapon are … unexpected; like Taiji MeiHua TangLang Quan or Tai Chi Plum Blossom Praying “Mantis for instance……..


Taiji Tanglang Quan_Page_074

Taiji Tanglang Quan_Page_091

Taiji Tanglang Quan_Page_092

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