Ain’t exactly a breeze.

July 29, 2009

I still get asked, every now and then, about what exactly that I do here in Kuching Sarawak ……

Apart from looking after my 4 trying cats and 1 dog, hey if you don’t own any cats, you’ll probably never fully understand what a headache they could be……

Then they are those who think I spend my days idling in the sun and breeze and picking coconuts for food.

Wrong, wrong and wrong again!

I am actually up to my chin with work; both involving meticulous planning and arduous rounds of meeting with folks from various walks of life here.

Take the one that my concentration is currently trained on; a book recording the various conventions that the Chinese brought with them when they moved here from China a couple of hundreds year ago.

A microcosmic view of Chinese lifestyles and practices and how these are preserved, throughout the years, in the face of changes and adjustments to fit into the new environment.

It’s often said that Chinese will be Chinese everywhere and this book want to put that statement under study, so to speak……

Well, you know me, my “thang” is TCMA, TCM and clan associations but this book wants to cast a bigger net.

To do that, we have to collaborate with historians and scholars of other Chinese disciplines in order to piece together a consummate picture.

So, it’s like what I said, work, work and work.

Posting a few mock-up pages from our work-in-progress book and a page from a earlier book published about the Chinese in Borneo; I am combing thru many such works for references.

book content 01

book content 04

chinese faces color

And this is a page from one of the reference books that I am using :-img001

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