Internal/External – it is all about fighting!

July 27, 2009

A popular topic in many forums; internal vs external and is “internal” arts even good for combat.

My sentiments on this?

Well, rehashing many things I said before here and in forums elsewhere:-

  • Fighting Arts that stood the test of time, battlefields and other life/limbs threatening historical scenarios must have merits regardless of classifications.
  • By fighting arts, I am talking “FIGHTING” arts and not some sporting ring events. This might be alien to some but many fighting arts, until very recently in this part of the world, is a mean of survival. I really don’t want to keep talking about this. If you are not raise in such an environment and have no inkling or experience in this aspect, no amount of reading about it will make you appreciate.
  • The person who taught you, internal or external arts notwithstanding, got actual know-how to tap from, as far as “fighting” is concerned? Put it another way, would you want to learn swimming from someone with only text book knowledge?

So that’s my take, if you even doubt the efficacy of what you are learning, it could only mean:-

  • You’re learning from the wrong person.
  • You’re not getting the “real” goods.

Back to internal arts and combat, I remember when I first met Sifu Wayne Welch, a longtime Pak Kua/Kuntao Silat teacher; he showed me some videos of a Taiwanese internal style teacher, Su Dong Chen, teaching classes and seminars.

Sifu Su, a student of GM Hung Yi Hsiang, was teaching his Hsing Yi/Pak Kua and Tai Chi in Japan and Wayne was very impressed with his applications of internal arts in combat situations.

I got a bunch of videos from Wayne and was going to convert some of them into digital format to share……

Anyway, found some youtube clips that someone else posted and if you have not seen Sifu Su in action, I think you’ll like what you are about to see.


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