Defender of the Nation!

July 27, 2009

Aha, here’s a topic that’s certainly going to rustle some feathers ….. Some might even go “red” in the face reading this ….

Well, here goes:

“All martial arts under the sky originated in Shaolin”.

Or my personal favorite:-

“10,000 cherries blossom on 1 tree”

“10,000 methods started in Shaolin”

And almost all the Masters and elders I work with in SE Asia subscribe to this.

So why are there those who are challenging this? Especially some western based authors and CMA historians; maybe they know something that martial art families in Asia don’t.

Or could it be a different Shaolin that we are talking about here, located somewhere in the Mojave deserts or Swiss Alps?

Must be or else how could they have miss historical relics everywhere in Shaolin from as early as the Tang Dynasty substantiating how Shaolin Warrior Monks came to the aid of Tang Tai Zhong?

Or that another Tang emperor maintained a private “army” of 500 Shaolin Warrior Monks.

Shaolin Warrior Monks fighting pirates in the Ming Dynasty is equally well-documented.

Folks, it’s for good reason that Shaolin Temple is also widely known among the Chinese as “Defender of the Nation”.

That legacy has lasted until very recent times with lay disciples taking up arms against foreign invading forces.

And before anyone of you write them off, REMEMBER, they are many descendents of these fighters who are proudly keeping that tradition alive even today, if not in China then, all over SE Asia.

Or to quote one of the monks in the clips:-

“For thousands of year, the Shaolin Fire has never stopped burning!”

And it’s not about to be by those who don’t know what they’re talking about …..

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