Yellow Forest.

July 25, 2009

Now that Emei has been thrust into the limelight, by some school of thoughts, that it might have something to do with Wing Chun, I was thinking some of you might like more info about Emei related Kung Fu.

Got here a Sichuan style, Huang Lin or Yellow Forest, which is classified as an Emei style.

When I first came across this, I got really excited; I thought this might be connected to “Huang San” or “Wong San” in Cantonese.

Wong San Pai is one of the styles that Sijo Lee Kwon of Singapore/Malaysia Chow Gar (Zhou Jia) studied.

I have hardly any info regarding Wong San …..

But Wong San and Huang Lin or Wong Lum (in Cantonese) apparently bears no relationship.

Arrrrgghh, the search continues ……

huang lin emei zhuang_Page_01

click on thumbnails for full views.

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