Flying Dragon Tiger Stick.

July 23, 2009

Here’s another rarely heard stick form – “Flying Dragon Tiger” form.

Created by Northern Stick Expert, Zhiang De, this form, through the passage of time, is now practiced in Canton in the south.

This book credits the form to a Lei Ren Shen, apparently a authority in numerous styles that include Choy Li Fut, Choy Gar, Fukien Monkey-Crane Bozxing, Jin Wu, Shaolin Left/Right 13 Spears etc etc….

With a name like “Flying Dragon Tiger”, the form is refreshingly devoid of any flowery fanciful techniques – you know Wushu-ish impractical movements.

In fact, going thru the book, many of the techniques bring to mind some Hakka kind of single head rat tail poles.

Most of the counter techniques involve striking opponent’s leading hand holding his weapon.

“Defanging the Snake” CKF’s style.


Flying Dragon Tiger Stick_Page_001

Flying Dragon Tiger Stick_Page_039

Flying Dragon Tiger Stick_Page_040

Flying Dragon Tiger Stick_Page_041

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