“Crow Lake” Cho Gar WCK.

July 22, 2009

To carry out what I said over at KFO, I would be posting materials connected to Cho Gar Wing Chun Kuen as and when time allows.

Most of these materials need to be scanned in before I post and with my current office work load …..

Well, I’ll try my best to get as much completed as possible in view of forthcoming travel plans.

Here are some scans from “General Views of Cantonese Wing Chun” – to me, still the best work ever, as far as cataloguing of the various streams is concerned.

More than simply skimming the surface, the book managed to probe into the definitive traits and unique developmental histories of identified WCK streams.

Works for someone like me, instead of having to cross reference materials scattered throughout different books and magazines, I need only to flip one book.

You know for the longest time, I have been hearing about the “male” and “female” approach to WCK training.

Especially in the 70s when Bruce Lee brought on the revival of interest, articles started appearing almost everywhere about WCK and this male/female dichotomy was intensely discussed.

Can’t remember much of what was reported but I remember asking some of my elders about this. And the answer given was for me to check out Cho Gar in Malaysia and this was in the 70s and travelling, for me at that time, was a whole lot tougher.

These last few years, working with elders all over Malaysia, again the same topic emerged and the agreement is that most current WCK exponents are no longer cognizant of this segregation.

So when I read about this in the book, I was really excited, particularly when the details are provided by Cho Gar village descendants themselves.

Good to know that transmissions  are still maintained pristine and proper in the key historical site of Cho Gar Wing Chun Kuen.

Cho Gar 1

Cho Gar 2

Cho Gar 3

Cho Gar 4

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