Where is my Carlsberg!!!

July 21, 2009

I was pondering whether to insert this here in this blog or in my other White Crane blog…..

The topic is Crane but this is a “newer” Crane that borders “Wushu”; specifically “Drunken Crane”.

Hey my kind of Crane really and if I am in the position to, I will rename it “Carlsberg Crane”.

Drunken Crane is not novel, it’s only this form; a modern mainland invention and I love the way they introduce it – after Feeding, Singing, Hibernating and Flying Crane comes “Drunken” Crane.

There is a much older “Drunken” Crane that is done in GM Huang Yi Ing line of White Crane, a form that I managed to shoot some time back here in Sarawak.

And just like Cho Gar Wing Chun Por Suk’s “Drunken 8 Immortals”, the “drunken” is all about the zigzagging, mobile and elusive foot stepping pattern.

Now isn’t that something to behold, all that tricky close quarter hand works coupled with “drunken” foot work…..

Surely something to celebrate – now where’s my icy cold Carlsberg …..

Bottoms up!


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