I can’t get no satisfaction … with partial clips.

July 20, 2009

Aaarrghh, got some messages asking for complete CCTV documentaries instead of what I am presently doing; uploading only segments.

Weeell, all I wanna say is that I do keep to salient parts because downloading from CCTV is really a toughie – I explained so many times already.

I’ll try my best, starting with the ones I just uploaded to youtube – all about Tan Tui.

Many folks would see this as a sub-system; you know part of Chin Woo syllabus, Praying Mantis and other Northern systems etc.

Or it’s linked to the Moslems in China and gets lumped with Cha Quan and the likes in the Moslems communities of China.

Personally, I think this is gross injustice, Tan Tui’s  history goes all the way back to late Zhou dynasty before the Song dynasty …. Yup that far back ….

Founded by a soldier who later became a monk in Lung Tan Shi, the original idea was to use kicks to keep grappling opponents to a certain range …. “don’t stand so, don’t stand so close to me … the do do do, the da da da” ….you catch my drift…..

The clip explains all this amply.

Later on, Tan Tui incorporated Shaolin Lohan hand techniques which earned it the nickname “4 hands of Tan Tui” – yes siree, they are that dexterous with their leg techniques.

And this is something that I did not know and that is “Ma Yong Zheng” was a Tan Tui expert responsible for the inclusion of Shuo Jiao (Chinese wrestling) and Tong Bei into Tan Tui.

I only know of Ma through some wuxia novels and movies, famous for his fighting skills in Shanghai and was later brutally ambushed and killed by triad gang.

I love the way that the mainland is putting together these well-researched documentaries; traveling to the actual sites and interviewing bona fide descendants for the inside scoop.

At the very least, it beats all the fictions and half-truths that are generated in la-la land.

You know those who can’t read Chinese to save their own behinds  and relying on 3rd party translations to rewrite their own accounts of events in  places  they have never visited.

Man! give me CCTV anytime!

And folks, because the file is so big, I got to split it into 4 parts.

Hey hey, you asked for it!

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