Poisonous Hands.

July 19, 2009

My my my, what a beautiful day …. What a beautiful Sunday.

The sky is clear, the day is bright and if I know what is good, I should be out there running my dog.

Or at least fly a kite!

Arrggh, I should really learn to stay away from my desk where my computer sits.

The moment I stare at the monitor, the computer and modem would be switched on and I find myself drifting into the world of tigers and dragons …. And in today’s case …. Praying Mantis.

Another CCTV clip downloaded from the mainland site youku – where downloading is both sluggish and the way the files are stored there, the downloading comes in disjointed parts.

But the quality of some of the clips there are just too good to miss….

Okay, Praying Mantis – what an exemplary style from the northern harsh land of China.

Listen to the Sifus in the clip talk and you’ll hear that heavy Shandong twang explaining the concept behind this lethal system.

So deadly that Praying Mantis is also occasionally talked of as “Black Hands of Jiang Hu” according to one of the Sifus; with favored targets of opponent’s neck, throat and eyes, I can understand how this moniker came into being.

You know, it’s common in CKF to talk about “tight” hands i.e. so close that there is virtually no gap, as one of the coveted attributes.

So packed that you force your opponent into a state of breathlessness….

Praying Mantis is one fine example of this.

And to top it off, this is one beautiful elegant system, so pleasing to watch…….

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