And go round and round and round In the circle game

July 18, 2009

Well, like I said repetitively, I shy away from MA forums these days because I really don’t think much could be realized with everyone pushing his/her opinions, oftentimes nothing more than uninformed individual speculations and conjectures.

You go round and round in a circle game, so sang Joni Mitchell many years ago and still ringing so true.

However, lately, with our plan of bringing GM Cheong Wai Por of Ban Chung Cho Gar Wing Chun to the US for some promotional appearances, I find myself calling Gene Ching, associate publisher Kung Fu/Tai Chi Magazine, to discuss announcing this plan in his forum.

One thing leads to another and now I am “discussing sword on Mt. Hua” again.

But it’s really déjà vu, talking something complex and expecting fruitful engagement.

So, I am going to stop there and carry on what need to be said here where I can easily post and display documents from the relevant authorities for all to partake and form your own viewpoints.

First, this is what has transpired so far in KFO forum … click here.

And I am posting one of the many books that I’ve collected over the years pertaining to “12 Posts Qiqong”.

Just want to add that “12 Posts Qiqong” is not Emei exclusive, many other sects do something similar and if you zoom in, you are going to find much overlapping and possibly, all related somehow.

View this document on Scribd

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