Stick – the long and short of it.

July 17, 2009

Still on our side-track here and keeping to our foray into CKF stick fighting and this time, short stick.

It’s a common erroneous belief to think that short stick is not a routine in CKF arsenal; most would associate short stick with the Indian, Filipino, Indonesian and Malaysian fighting systems.

Well, the fact of the matter is that short stick or “bian” has been around for quite a while except that this is usually treated as a “minor” weapon by most in CKF streams.

Please, I am telling it the way it is in CKF and don’t read in anything political here. Short stick is found in northern/southern internal and external school of CKF since historical time.

Maybe it could be that there are so many other weapons around that the “humble” short sticks got downplayed in the Chinese psyche?

Maybe …..

Even now when you say CKF short stick, folks would go – borrowed from non-Chinese fighting arts or that this is a recent inclusion.

Exactly what I encountered in the US when I first taught short sticks.

But then again, the Chinese moves in a certain way with their weapons and this is reflected clearly in short sticks.

And really with a mindset that “the longer the stronger and the shorter the more dangerous” when using a weapon, most Chinese kung fu will include shorter weapons like stick to make their skill sets comprehensive.

Well, to debunk that misconception that short sticks in CKF don’t co-exist, here are scans from a book published some 60/70 years ago about short stick….

tiger tail short stick_Page_066

tiger tail short stick_Page_068

tiger tail short stick_Page_098

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