Headless Spear.

July 16, 2009

Before I continue with “World Martial Arts”, I thought we take a little detour….

Into the domain of stick fighting, arguably, my favorite weapon amongst all the  weapons that I’ve studied.

Could be because of my early introduction into Shaolin fighting and philosophy, sticks, of varying lengths and shapes, has been my choice weapon for as long as I can remember.

From my very first “Chi Mei” or “Eyebrow” Saolim stick; those days I was as coordinated as a foal learning to walk, to the last “Zhou Jia” stick form I picked up from Sifu Foong, my fascination stays unabated.

These last couple of years working with the likes of GM Cheong Cheng Loong, Por Suk and Master Liew Joon Mew, all of them stick expert in their own rights, my interest got another big time boost.

Por Suk and his inimitable “6 ½ pole 13 spear” again reawaken my excitement for stick methods adapted from spear techniques.

Most of you must have heard of “5th Brother Pak Kua” stick widespread in southern Cantonese systems; this is reportedly modified from Yang Family Spear.

Here’s another, not so well-known “Zi Wu” Stick, which is also a remake and mixture of 2 spear forms – the classic “Li Hua Qiang” (Pearl Blossom Spear) & “Chi Jia Qiang”.

“Chi” here refers to General Chi Ji Guang – the historical personality credited with spawning many Chinese Kung Fu systems.

Hmmm, Chi Ji Guang and Yue Fei, I wonder who fathered more …… hmmmm……

ziwu stick_Page_198ziwu stick_Page_199ziwu stick_Page_200ziwu stick_Page_201

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