Too much salt is bad for you!

July 14, 2009

Why I take much of what contemporary authors said with a pinch of salt, in particular, those doubting the role that Shaolin played in the development and evolution of TCMA?

When I find the time, I will scan and post works from the 30s and 40s written by undeniable authorities, all in agreement with the fact that Shaolin is instrumental in the formulation and development of many streams of TCMA.

When you really think about it, a lot of mainland TCMA history was “re-written” because the “cultural revolution” destroyed so much crucial documents that could have prevented the present state of confusion within the CKF fraternity.

Publications preceding the communist administration, to me, hold many answers ……

Here are scans from a book from the 30s, written by Yao Yi Jia.

Notice his credentials from “Central Kuoshu Academy” and his ink drawing honoring Bodhidarma.

Now I wonder about the qualifications of some of these modern authors out to re-write CKF history!

Maybe they are DIY self-made historians of a culture alien to them ….. I think I am going to need more than a pinch of salt…..





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