Sticky, sticky, sticky …….

July 14, 2009

Aaaagh, this is something that I hate to do; get involved in others’ squabbling especially when the subject matter is ………. Wing Chun.

Boy, talk about “sticky” hands.

But because we are planning to have Gm Cheong Wai Por or Por Suk travelling with me to the US to promote Malaysia’s TCMAs, I find myself in the position of “no option because I am in Jiang Hu”.

Okay, for anyone of you out there planning on turning Por Suk’s workshops into a settling ground of personal issues, here’s my advice, don’t!

Por Suk is an elder in the world of TCMA and it’s very unflattering for anyone to create any ruckus in front of him especially when you probably cannot find a more amiable elder of his stature.

I think it reflect poorly for whoever who disregard this; I don’t care how good you think you are, proper CKF etiquette is just, if not more, important.

And please bear in mind, there is always another mountain higher than the one you’re on.

Again, I want to reiterate, with so many speculations about histories, lineages and principles of WCK, it’s next to impossible to conclude what is real and what is hearsay.

Folks, I got so much material on the subject of this that just sieving thru to find commonalities is challenging.

Here’s yet, another version of WCK’s “internal” training.

Tip of a huge iceberg folks ……………….

wck manual_Page_005

wck manual_Page_023

wck manual_Page_024

wck manual_Page_026

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