You are what you are.

July 12, 2009

Found this brilliant clip over on youtube

And this comment from one of the viewers:-

Superb form at beginning – was he a contemporary nan quan athlete as well? Or is it just that we usually see such low level kung fu that we’re not used to seeing excellent traditional kung fu? Either way – that is seriously good martial art!

Really, these days we are so used to seeing slipshod kung fu, to the point that when we do get to see some good deliveries; we go “wushu”.

Or in the words of a wushu coach/friend here in Kuching – “Traditional Kung Fu is simply Wushu done poorly!”.

I am not going to get into wushu is not fighting blah blah blah ….

You move sloppily, chances are you are going to fight poorly.

I don’t care how you argue it or whether your base training is wushu or TCMA.

You fight the way you move period!

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