Wing Chun – CCTV Documentary.

July 11, 2009

Okay okay, received some messages from some of you requesting for the full CCTV documentary for Wing Chun.

Well, the file is gargantuan – over 100mb and since it’s produced by CCTV, a TV network, there are a lot of commercials to be edited out. Still, the file came out greater than 10 minutes long and breaching youtube rule, so I got to split them in 2

Translated – a lot of work….

So for those asking for this, you owe me! Carlsbergs , many many I say!

All that said, I love the way this documentary is crafted giving a balanced outline of Wing Chun; no politics here.

Master Mei Gei Wong is very plainspoken about history – nobody and noooobody know for certain; there are just too many speculations perpetuated. The only agreement is that the founder was a woman.

Wing Chun special element is simplicity and using directness and speed to overcome your opponent. In fact, there’s a part that he said “offence is best defense” and “stop your opponent in his track” …. Hmmm, isn’t that JKD?

The special role of “red boat” and Cantonese opera is also highlighted in the documentary.

Cantonese Opera Southern Boxing is as close as you can get without calling it Wing Chun.

Well, like I said, I really enjoy this documentary’s presentation of Wing Chun Kune – keeping it short and sweet.

None of that mumbo jumbo nonsense that snake oil peddlers are selling these days.

Remember, Carlsberg special brew – I think they do worldwide door to door deliveries ……

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