Penetrating Foot.

July 10, 2009

Another CCTV documentary – this time it’s about Chuo Jiao, the exquisite deadly northern system that favors leg techniques over others.

This is a much longer documentary; what I posted is a portion. The clip is found on youku and for those of you who has been there; you must know this is not exactly a fast downloading site ……

Downloading files from there is such a “pain”….

Anyway, like I said before, if I get to start over, Chuo Jiao will be one of my choice styles.

Watch the clip, no explanation required really.

Got this description from another Chuo Jiao clip uploaded on youtube.

Chuo Jiao, the style of the Penetrating Foot, is an ancient style with roots in Wen Family Boxing. This was mentioned in General Qi Jiguang’s book as one of the most effective systems of his times. The most popular Chuojiao is the branch merged with fanzi (Chuojiao Fanzi) coming from Li Country in Hebei. However, in recent months an old branch of the system (according to its practitioners) came into light. It is called Gu Zhizi (Ancient Zhizi- Ancient Chuojiao) and was passed to the Yin family in Suning County which kept it for centuries. The style shares theory very similar to Xinyi/Xingyi. Li Fuzhen, famous disciple of Che Yizhai, was so impressed by the system that he incorporated its elements into Che Style Xingyiquan and created Mandarin Ducks Kicks routine.

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