Chow Fook – Bak Mei 1979 鄒福 白眉十八摩橋

July 10, 2009

After finishing some proposal letters for the office and since the computer is running, I logged onto youtube with no particular intent and chanced upon this clip of the Master Chow Fook demonstrating BakMei 18 MorChau at Vancouver, Canada 1979.

You see, you’ll never know what gems await you if you don’t look ……..

Looking at Master Chow and his unmistakable Hakka BakMei fast and aggressive expression bring back imagery of all the Hakka masters I’ve met these last few years all over Sarawak.

No mistaking their signature “chasing and forcing” hands out stay out manner of moving.

Hey, if you are caught in their paths, be prepared for the worst!

Especially after they “shock” you; I played with enough Hakka masters to know their modus operandi..

Master Chow taught in Borneo for a while back in the 60s or 70s….I am not sure about actual timeline…..

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