Emei Iron Arm Warrior Fist.

July 8, 2009

Aha, yet another style that you seldom hear about …….Emei Tie Pi Jin Gang Quan or Emei Iron Arm Warrior Fist.

Created about 300 yrs ago by an Emei monk, Hai De, this style is the culmination of the many skills he acquired wandering all over China.

What I find interesting is that among the many underlying principles of this system, you find “joy, anger, sorrow and fright”.

Emotional “triggers” and I thought this is special to Saolim Lohan ……

Once again indicating how little I know about the galaxy that is CKF!

3 pages from a book about this style.

Top page gives you some historical info.

Middle page – looks like something out of Praying Mantis’ Ben Bu.

Bottom page – an iron-broom to an elbow, very Saolim Lohan-ish. Hmmm didn’t Stallone do something like that in “First Blood”, you know the scuffle at the police station ?

Okay where is my “1st Blood” DVD … nevermind, where’s my Carlsberg   🙂

emei jingang_Page_004emei jingang_Page_115emei jingang_Page_141

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