Zhou Jia Quan.

July 6, 2009

Before I continue with the historical passage through the development and evolution of CKF, I thought I take a slight detour and talk a little about Zhou Jia or Jow Gar Kuen.

An  art that I took up for about 2 yrs before I left Singapore and personally, an accomplished system comprising of Hung Kuen, Choy Gar and Bak Siu Lum.

Northern and Southern characteristics all captured in one vibrant system and really one of the very few traditional styles that is still flourishing in cosmopolitan Singapore.

I still keep in close contact with my Zhou Jia sihing, Peter Lum, in Penang and we are on the verge of a joint venture involving Zhou Jia families in Singapore.

Anyway, here’s a Zhou Jia documentary from the mainland featuring Cho Bo (a place in Canton) and the Zhou Jia lineage there.

Hey, you even get to see the “hoe” form created by Sijo Jow Lung …. So good to see traditions alive and kicking in the motherland!

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