Stay away!

July 4, 2009

“Talismans are the strange writing of writs which can invoke spirits and control the ghosts. Talismanic characters, with their twisted strokes, look like drawings as well as calligraphy, and are not easy to recognize.

Where do they come from?

According to the descriptions in Daoist scriptures, a talisman is a condensation of the clouds in the sky. As a matter of fact, the writings of talismans came from our ancestors’ worship of Chinese characters.

When the Collective Explanations of the Biography of Xie Gunu from the Stories of Magical Arts in the History of the Later Han quoted Hui Dong, it said that in ancient times, there were ways of controlling spirits.

Therefore the Book of Master Huainan 6 said that a long time ago when Cang Ji created Chinese characters, there was millet falling down from the sky, and spirits crying at night.

In Gaoyou’s commentary, he states that spirits were crying at night, afraid of being controlled by the talisman. So it is thus clear that the idea existed long ago that some special words or characters were able to impeach and control spirits.”

Read more about this here.

Another custom that the Chinese brought along when they left the mainland; talisman to ward of evil spirits.

One would expect that in these days of internet on your mobiles, talismans would have vanished but no.

In many Chinese homes all over SE Asia, talisman is still easily spotted along with hanging incense urns.

And must not forget the all important “red lanterns” at the front entrance.

Even though, these days you will see electric light bulbs rather than oil or candles.

And look at the talisman in the pic, it says “Mt WuDang” …. Hmmmm….


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