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July 3, 2009

“Your wordpress site is an interesting resource, the subject-interest is partially your own: fukien : fuzhou related with sanshin core focus and the wingchun.

You also have entered subjects that have been cross-overed: liu-he boxing, liu-he xing-yi, liuhe bafa….and tai-zu etc.

Some of this I have years of knowledge about and some I have gone into, recorded,and published: liuhe bafa, yiquan, sanshin-stand/stepping. I will mention that there does exist, a very private video of Msr. Uechi demonstrating exactly what he learned in China it is very, very different from what was and is now circulated around the USA. The ‘goju’ you mention, deviated and expanded itself, but was rectified to be compatible with the ‘original’ china form by gmaster Anthony Mirakian [who took an interest in the liuhebafa taught in Boston by LiChung], the notable change being hands open, elbows out, andmovements slow and continuous.

You do record the LHBF variously and include some data.  This is a highly complex subject and few know it correctly or completely ..and most prefer the easy, standard stories.  The youtube clip of KamTung, whom I know and who was ‘brother’ to my last teacher, the LHBF- form is not LHBF, it is LuHong Ba-shih: aka 8-link fist, etc.

Most people explain LHBF as a mix of IMA: taichi-, xingyi-, and bagua-. This is not quite true nor accurate. It uses the core-3 IMA as a platform/ foundation of principles,but the actual dance-playout is LuHong 8-link, swimming dragon, and mitsongyi-bagua thus, similar, but opposite. The wikipedia site cannot be relied on for an accurate history or discription as there exists a ‘group’ polishing the data to fit their group ideas.

As for the sanshin,…you correctly quote your on experience and the advice of Wang Xiang-zhai…principles are the leaders of foundation, the basic standing and stepping easily transfers to mocabu, stepping in yiquan, with no variation, but becomes somewhat tainted through its contact with crane, province, and teacher’s ideas.

I will qualify first some of what I will say [this is not meant as a lecture], my first teacher for LHBF, LiChung, was friend, brother, and student of Han Xing-yuan for yiquan and together they modified, standardized, and filtered out the LH-8 links refining it.

My third teacher, studied with Chen YikYan and with KamTung…and with Han Xingyuan and only taught principles, not style; again, merging of styles is possible with some correction.  My in between teacher, Mr. Ho, number two, was a student of Sun LuTang and his daily tea friend, Wu Yi-hui, founder of LHBF and taught the original water-style devoid of LHBF. Thus I understand that style form and ideas as passed down and preserved, can be a life long deception.

Your site also presents your peeves of teachers and students and their ambitions.

Han Xingyuan would advise: if you want to kill someone, buy a gun, do not waste your life on learning boxing.

Teacher Mr. Ho, would similarly advise: I have practiced under a great teacher, and practiced all of my life, kungfu will never teach you how to fly.

Overall, I am greatly impressed by the content and your efforts.

I do have a question for you, after the closing of the Nanking Martial Academy at about 1947, there was an ‘exit’ of top teachers for the liuhe bafa to, ‘singapore, malaysia, vietnam, and teaching there.’  I have attempted to track down at each place, the where and the who. It is something of a curiosity question.  The LHBF system and its core forms, tends to be altered by each person touching it, some preserve, some addend, and some evolve it [HuaYo-TaiChi-LHBF+yiquan]. Would you know of source for this?

I am aware the in Burma, in the border area, of the Shan, I have seen a ‘boxing’ swimming form, that was shown on Thailand TV, very close to what I know.

The information in this letter is an open sharing.”

Doing something here that is, frankly, a little out of character for me …. reproducing a received email here in this blog.

I am persuaded that the mail, apparently written by someone very advanced in his knowledge, would serve well for me to express certain thoughts close to my heart.

Firstly, I am not an expert.

I love the arts and because of that passion, I became a collector of TCMA related materials for as long as I can remember.

As far back as 10 years ago, I wanted to share my collection with all like-minded folks and embarked on the project just to abort later due to various constrains.

Personally, the world of TCKF is huge and complex held together sometimes by nothing more than folklores and misguided superstitions that defy any contemporary “scientific” approach. Sometimes, all that we are doing in forums etc is merely trading hearsays.

Occasionally, we have published materials on some topics and usually these stay overlooked and hearsays as a result, are allowed to be perpetuated….and this really is a disservice to the transmission of TCMAs.

What I am doing here with this blog is nothing more than provides another viewpoint, one backed by others through their works.

Anyone reading here gets motivated enough to investigate further is all that I am hoping to accomplish.

You form your own opinions and I, at the very least, point out some of the resources that you can use.

When it comes to peeves, I really only got a one-track stand.

Never lie, show some respect for traditions particularly if it belongs to someone else. If you love the arts the way I do, honor the ancestors by speaking the truth.

And I not interested in killing anybody.

I spent 2 and half years serving in the army and if I really must kill, I think I got some good ideas how to.

As far as Nanking “Central Kuoshu Academy” is concerned, I do know folks here from that institution and I will be blogging about them in time.

Okay, now onto the topic of Liuhebafa and LuHong Ba-shih, I got 2 books here for those interested.

Again, I am not saying this or that.

Just want to let you know that I have some books in my collection that might make good reference for anyone looking into this topic.

If you want them in full, write to me and I will send the pdf files.

An oooh, before I forget; I do get days when everything works for me, you know I feel my central equilibrium, whipping, timing and breathing all totally in sync ….it’s moments like these that I feel like I am “flying”.

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