And the seasons, they go round and round…

June 30, 2009

Aha, it just gets curiouser and curiouser doesn’t it?

First we hear it began in Shaolin and moved on to the red boats and then, disseminated to the various parts of Southern China.

We hear names like Ng Mui and Jee Shim, the water, land, male and female versions.

Not forgetting we got Yim Wing Chun and her husband allegedly Hakka tofu sellers in Southern China.

Next we got, Fang Chi Niang from Yong Chun province and with her husband, again supposedly tofu sellers.

And if you look into the record of Fang Chi Niang’s Yong Chun White Crane, a “Ng Mui” is listed as a 5th generation White Crane descendant.

Some researchers in China even go as far as bringing together the 2; Wing Chun is an offspring of Yong Chun White Crane.

Even timelines add up … so what’s the story?

Well, who can say for certain?

Not when you have more “theories” added every other day.

Look at this dummy form for instance, the mainland author credit it to “Ng Mui” or “Wu Mei”.

From Emei and not Shaolin!

And instead of the common 108 postures, now you got 165.

The jury is still out …. I think.

Okay, take a deep breath now ………

wc wooden dummy_Page_01

click on thumbnails for full views/downloads.

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