And I submit to you ….ladies and gents of the jury.

June 29, 2009

You must have heard this too many times – Southern Shaolin is a fantasy, never really existed and where are the proofs, any classical documents or remnants of the temple …..

And when something does emerge, detractors are fast to slam them as fibs, the work of the Chinese government to increase tourism.

Every kind of imaginable arguments have been put forth and I guess you believe what you choose to believe, in the final analysis.

I stay away from such exchanges; I have long decided that the picture is  bigger than most would like you to think and in many cases, folks are simply looking at a minute portion and missing out on the larger picture, so to speak.

And yes, I for one do believe that Southern Shaolin did at some point stood and functioned as some kind of a meeting ground for those fighting foreign invaders.

Too many older CKF folks remember a nearly identical account of Shaolin and we are talking folks who have never cross paths and narrating the same event and the role of Shaolin in the creation and development of their arts.

Many of these arts are unheard of, not only in the West but also in many parts of Asia. Up till the last generation, many of the custodians are illiterate and communicate the only way they know how; in their own dialect with kinsfolks who left the mainland to form new communities in these remote parts. And they almost never socialize outside the boundaries of their own villages. We call them “mountain folks” here.

I said this before and I am repeating here; to them, their Kung Fu is a survival tool in this new harsh land. They never perform for entertainment or got involve in any of the institutionalizing of CKF that was happening all around them in the last 50 years.

Even now, they’re taciturn about their skill sets.

But meet those who are more forthcoming and you will heard the Southern Shaolin story over and over again.

What is this? A Shaolin conspiracy? Maybe a communist China unseen hand at work?

Nope … no way. These are simple folks who are small businessmen, farmers and some TCM doctors who are very contented with what they got and not seeking any fame or fortune with their Kung Fu which they are unwilling to admit knowing in the first place.

Kung Fu is and has always been a part of their lives just like cultivating the land, fishing or making tofu and metal working to produce hoes, machetes and cooking utensils etc etc..

Okay before you start yawning reading about these old-fashioned lifestyles here in Borneo Sarawak, I’ve got some of the classical records talking about Shaolin for you.

And if you are ever in China, go look up the real items and stay away from the McDonalds and Starbucks … I hear too much is not good for you …


宋朝状元梁克家(泉州人)编纂的《三山志》在福清“寺观”类中载:“少林院,同里……” 《三山志》卷36第15页

Compiled by Liang Ke Jia of QuanZhou, Song Dynasty – “Three Mountain Wills” recorded a “Shaolin” in present day Fuqing.  Vol.36 Page 15.


Ming Dynasty victorious candidate in the highest imperial examinations Huang Zhongzhao (The Putian People) compiled “Eight Fujian conveyance of idea or ambition”  Fuqing Shaolin monastery is recorded in the 75th volume on page 789.

明朝进士黄仲昭(莆田人)编纂的《八闽通志》在福清“寺观”类中载:“少林寺……” 《八闽通志》卷75第789页


“Four Books” ordered byQing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong personally, again Fuqing Shaolin monastery is recorded Vol 484 page 539.

清朝乾隆皇帝钦定的《四库全书》在福清“寺观”类中载“东林院,新宁里。……少林院,同里” 《四库全书》第484卷史部第539页

Just in case you still think Southern Shaolin is  a figment of some Chinese imagination….maybe you should check your own genealogy.

Maybe you don’t exist.

A butterfly dreaming that you’re a man ……..

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