The General’s legacy.

June 27, 2009

Material like this will surely bring a smile to folks like Master Zhang Han Xiong (Yue Jia or Geok Gar Penang), Li To Shen (Chu Gar Penang), Master Liew Joon Mew and Master Kong Shu Ming here in Kuching.

One of the few books ever published on Yue Jia or Geok Gar, this outstanding Hakka system, as performed by the likes of Master Zhang, reveals a exciting mingling of Northern dynamic footwork and Southern Hakka power generation. This style considers itself a legacy of the legendary General Yue Fei.

Not well heard of in most Western places and even in Asia, this style, as far as I know, is confined to within the Hakka community in West Malaysia.

Added with the fact that reading material is so uncommon, it’s no wonder that not many have even heard of this much less seen it.

I remember my teachers speaking highly of them so to finally meet them and touch hands counts as one of the highpoints of my CKF journey.

Now to convince Master Zhang to teach me ….. hmmmmmm……

geok gar fight_Page_002

geok gar fight_Page_003geok gar fight_Page_004

Master Zhang doing what he does best – one of his Geok Gar forms.

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