Takes 2 to tango.

June 25, 2009

Another key aspect of traditional Chinese Martial Arts training; 2 man prearranged routines.

Empty hands, weapons, empty hands vs weapons and many other permutations, this, again, is another misunderstood and undermined training tool that many like to dismiss as “irrelevant”.

Here again, I think the problem is how modern practitioners perceive traditional MAs.

MAs were much more than a sport/recreation exercise and I really want to accentuate this; it was and for many of us around here still, all about protection of life and limbs.

When you fight, there is no rule and that is the only rule.

I spoken about this before in a forum; a couple of years back I was invited to a closed-door testing session by a local traditional Silat group.

Everything went as I had expected – forms, pre-arranged sparring, weapons and breaking.

But towards the end, a “fight” broke out. Chairs, bottles and even machetes were used against one of the senior students. And he was bleeding; the mêlée really caught me unprepared.

It was later explained that the senior student was being tested.

I will talk more about “traditional” training later; busy preparing a blogsite for my Fuzhou Crane school by the “royal” decree of my White Crane seniors and Russ Smith. The link is up in the side bar ……

For now, a Pak Kua Broadsword 2 man routine.


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