Aaaarrgghh, so many girl (bands) and so little time!

June 23, 2009

So there I was, with a little time to kill, browsing in a music store……

The salesgirl approached me and I asked her for the latest “12 Girls Band” CD and was told “sold out”


Then she pulled something off the shelf; another all-girls Chinese instruments ensemble from Taiwan named “Dong Fang Girls” or “Oriental Girls”.

Arrrhh to buy or not to buy; there I was lost in thought and the next thing you know, she unwrapped the CD and was playing a track.

Okay, I was sold hook, line and sinker; maybe it’s the music or maybe it’s the girls on the CD covers.

So much for not judging by covers ….

Anyway, found a clip on youtube ……

10 girls cover

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