The Fuzhous.

June 21, 2009

曲名:老鄉 詞:林澍 曲:陳建忠 (用福州方言演唱)
老鄉見老鄉都是福州腔,儂家不用掏名片,遠遠聽聲,就白是同鄉,老鄉~老鄉~齊吃蜀江 閩江水,來一起做夢,夢也香~老鄉~老鄉~嚼蜀粒江邊青橄欖,罔嚼罔甜 罔嚼罔甜 罔嚼罔甜,罔思量。
福州人走四方,離土無離鄉~海外故記榕樹下,同鄉會齊唱茉莉香。老鄉~老鄉~捧起蜀碗 太平面,線面長長 思念長~老鄉~老鄉,齊啜蜀壇福建老,醉在異國 醉在異國 醉在異國~夢在故鄉。老鄉 老鄉 老鄉 老鄉~

when we meet hometown folks,

we dont have to show our name cards,

we know your hometown by your fuzhou accent,

we even heard your voice from far away.

oh folks~oh folks~we all drank the water from the Min river,

let the dream melted at the beautiful memory.

oh folks~lets have a Chinese white olive,

it will reminds us of our hometown by chewing it.and it just like the taste of life,

its better and better.
Fuzhou folks go everywhere,but fuzhou is the only place where your root so deep.

lets sing the song of Jasmine,lets sing it loud~

oh folks~oh folks~lets have Tai-Ping noodles,the long noodles are just like the endless memory of our hometown

oh folks ~oh folks~lets drink some Fujiang Wine,it will brings sweet dreams of our hometown,

even we are far away from it now

oh folks~oh folks~oh~

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