Take it easy, don’t say maybe….

June 21, 2009

I suppose it’s only human nature to think that “I am always RIGHT” – this is displayed everywhere.

Religions, politics, sports and specifically, martial arts and why? Because it is a “way of life” blah blah blah and my way of life cannot be, heavens forbid, wrong!

That and soccer.

Be warned, I am a diehard “Manchester United” supporter and I don’t want to hear any discussion there.

And believe it or not, I was once caught up in a beer cans throwing scuffle against some “Gunners” no-brain supporters in Singapore which is many many many miles away from England – the birthplace of soccer mania. What was I thinking …. Maybe that’s the problem, I wasn’t!

So now, we see hot headed arguments outside Asia about CKF.

Without a doubt, the ying/yang balancing at work!

Not that we are no longer quarrelling in Asia but I think with the older and “wiser” generations, things are more restrained.

I guess they see the senselessness of the whole situation, I mean, you can yell until you turn blue and still not get to the bottom of many issues.

And the next thing you know, you gotta get physical to prove a point.

Hey, we got sufficient stress as it is without adding more and you are really not going get more “life” by winning in such arguments.

Trust me on this one, as far back as the early 70s, magazines reported all kinds of debates relating to histories, lineages and principles and 30 years on, nothing has changed really – you’ll be surprised – is this lineage real, who is the genuine founder, the others got it wrong ….. the same exact contention that you find in forums everywhere.

Same issues, same sh@t but new players that’s all.

Me, I am contented to just follow what my late Sifu did; walk away and just disregard those who are clueless or worse, pretending.

I guess you could say that underneath everything is the basic fundament gap between eastern and western values system.

And don’t shoot me here, I am just offering my personal angle on this.

Most Eastern culture is about abiding by “protocol”, the “be seen and not heard” rule that is still upheld by many in many areas of life in Asia.

I think this youtube clip says it all:-

“David letterman tries to make fun of indian tradition… but he gets burned straight down

the punchline is
David- Do you live with your parents in India
Ashwarya- Yes I do
David: – ” Is it common in India for elder children to live with their parents”
Aishwarya- “Its common in India to live with your parent.. It’s also common in India that we don’t need to take appointments with our parents to meet for dinner”.

Coming from 2 diverse environments and now faced with something as demanding as CKF in terms of code of behavior etc etc…

You can expect all shades of reactions and outcomes.

Don’t think so; try this one – during my time, you are taught never to disbelieve your teacher, never ever. It’s sacrilege to do so.

I know of folks who were expelled because they defied their Sifus and remain outcasts until today.

Now you know why forums are noisy – imagine everyone in there thinking him and only he is right?

Okay, right or wrong, I got a Canton Wing Chun Kuen book for you if you are interested.

Give me an email address to send the pdf file to.

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