Luo San Pai 羅山派

June 21, 2009

Just when I thought I’ve heard of them all, along comes “Luo San Pai” Or “Mt. Luo Sect”.

Okay, I read about “Luo Gar Pak Cheung” or “Luo Family 8 Palms” and Por Suk likes to talk about “Luo Gar Cheong” or “Luo Family Spear”…..

So what is Luo San Pai? On the surface, they look Hakka with the salute, single knuckle punches and I love their “snake” spearhands … on top of that, the front leg stomping…..

I would categorize them with styles like “San Tung San Kao” or the “3 Sects of Shantung” and “Hok Lo Kuen” or “Crane Elders Fist”.

I tell you, in the months to come; you will hear more about these “fringe” styles coming out … even if it’s just from around here.

The next time you’re about to say “been there done that” …. Think again.

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